Blakely Harbor Advisors - investment advisory services for the Seattle WA area
Who We Are

After 20+ years of experience in the investment industry, we have come to believe that clients are best served by a boutique firm that puts the client first and has the freedom to invest solely to the client's specific goals and guidelines. Blakely Harbor Advisors operates at the highest ethical level, and treats our clients as family.

Most established firms invest according to their corporate practices, investment policy committees, and investment products. This limits what they're able to achieve for their clients – what investment vehicles they can use, what approaches they follow. This can signal strength and stability to some, but it may also limit the possibilities for others.

Principal and Founder
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What We Do

Many of the wealthiest people hire a small team to manage their investments in a way that is proprietary and customized to their specific goals.

Blakely Harbor Advisors provides the same individual investment approach that the very wealthy are able to obtain – that customization, attention, and focus – fitting the investments to meet the individual, not fitting the individual to an organizational product line and investment thesis.

We spend time to understand thoroughly each client's individual investment objectives and risk tolerance. We also work closely with each client when developing a portfolio to ensure it reflects that client's outlook and investment guidelines.

  • Nationwide client base
  • Investment management for individuals, endowments, and non-profits
  • Customized investment solutions
  • Minimum $5,000,000 USD portfolio size


800 Fifth Ave Suite 4100
Seattle WA 98104