Blakely Harbor Advisors provides customized
investment portfolios for endowments, non-profits
and high-net-worth individuals.

We believe that you are best served by a firm that starts with your interests and provides you with the freedom and knowledge to make investments unconstrained by those of an institution.

Serving Clients with a Personalized Approach

We help you achieve your goals by getting to know you first. We draw on our 30+ years of investment experience to serve you where you are and provide independent investment advice.

For Institutions

We work with non-profits and endowments to maximized their resources – balancing short term spending needs with long term growth objectives. We help establish a structure for decisions-making and oversight that allows the client to focus on their mission.

For Individuals

We strive to fully understand you and your families investment goals and values to construct a porfolio that is aligned with your objectives.
We help and oversight that allows the client to focus on their mission.


“We respond to your evolving needs as well as changing market conditions and alert you to unique investment opportunities.”

Serving you with 30+ years of experience
and innovative investment strategies

Blakely Harbor Advisors

Elizabeth MacElwee Jones

CFA, Principal & Founder

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