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Given 30+ years of professional experience in the investment industry, I have come to believe that you are best served by a boutique firm that puts your interests first and has the freedom to invest according to your specific goals and guidelines. We operate with the highest ethical standards, and treat you like family.

Most established firms invest according to their corporate practices, investment policy committees, and investment products. This limits what they’re able to achieve for their clients – what investment vehicles they can use, what approaches they follow. This can signal strength and stability to some, but it may also limit the possibilities for others.

Blakely Harbor Advisors provides an individualized investment approach that is usually only available to the very wealthy. We are a small but mighty team that will manage your investments in a proprietary way with personalized attention and focus on you and your organization. We fit investments to you rather than fitting you into an organizational product line or investment thesis.

We will spend time to thoroughly understand your investment objectives and risk tolerance and we will continue to work closely with you to develop a high-performing portfolio that reflects your values and investment outlook.

As the markets change and evolve, we are continually looking for investment opportunities that will meet your goals & objectives. We are ready to respond to whatever needs arise as your viewpoint evolves as well.

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