Customizing Portfolios for High-net-worth Individuals

We construct a portfolio aligned with your specific objectives by first understanding your investment goals and beliefs and then tailoring our approach accordingly. We can work alongside your existing manager to complete your portfolio or we can provide an entirely independent and customized approach, normally not available from more structured financial institutions.

Blakely Harbor Advisors typically works with high-net-worth individuals and families who are accredited or qualified investors, however, we can make exceptions from time to time.

Services Provided for Individuals

Account Aggregation

Through our reporting platform, we are able to aggregate accounts held away with other managers, to present a holistic picture of a client’s assets and risk.

Cash Flow Planning

We can run simulations that project cash flows, major life events, and portfolio projections.

Risk Assessment

We can provide risk assessments based on a client’s own feedback and tolerances. We can then match that assessment with the portfolio. This helps each client to understand the risk-return trade-off that is appropriate for them. This can be reviewed periodically and updated.

Customized Portfolio Construction

We work individually with clients to construct a custom portfolio that is aligned with their goals and beliefs.

Global Macro

We offer a managed stand-alone global tactical portfolio to take advantage of global market opportunities across all asset classes: commodities, bonds, currencies, stocks.

Discretionary Investment Management

We can construct a diversified portfolio utilizing an array of investment vehicles that aligns with the client’s beliefs and investment goals.

Professional Search & Referral

Our full-service approach sometimes includes assistance in finding outside professionals, including legal, audit/compliance, administrative, accounting/bookkeeping, and trustees.

Completeness Portfolios

We can provide a portfolio that “completes” an existing portfolio by investing in areas that are lacking in the original portfolio. We can then generate reports on the entire portfolio, and coordinate with the original manager.

Performance Reporting

Our performance reporting is extensive and includes income reports, flow reports, analytics. While we publish monthly performance reports to clients, the reporting capability is available daily on an ad-hoc basis.

Investment Policy & Profile

We work with every client to create an investment profile and policy that outlines how we will manage the portfolio according to the client’s risk and return preference.

Manager Search

We select top-tier managers and investment strategies across stock, bond, and alternative asset classes. This includes mutual funds, separately managed accounts, ETFs, and partnerships. These strategies can be unconventional strategies, as we can be early adopters since we are a nimble, independent firm.

Stock Portfolio

We offer a managed stand-alone equity portfolio customized to the client.

Non-discretionary Management

We can work on a collaborative basis with a client who retains discretionary authority over the portfolio.

ESG Investing

We always customize portfolios so that the investments are consistent with the mission of the client.